Welcome to the ALL-NEW Shreveport Music! Where the pros go!

Now that we’re settled in our new location, 115 Kings Hwy, next to Strawn’s Eat Shop, across from Centenary College, let us tell you what we’re up to.

We have added 3 new Lesson Rooms for guitar lessons.  Jimmy Johnson is our 1st teacher to join the crew, Tony Reyes is our 2nd teacher to join the SMC Crew.  We also now have a new certified guitar technician, Garrett Brolund.

We offer the best in customer service and knowledge of products that we sell.  We carry the major brands in keys, acoustics, electric guitars and basses, amps, speaker cabs, p.a. systems and much, much more!! Drop in say hello!  We look forward to serving all in the Ark-La-Tex and beyond!!


Fender American Vintage Series – an SMC Exclusive!

Yes, the rumors you’ve heard are 100% true. Fender is at it again and Shreveport Music will be the only place in town (actually within 180 miles) to see what they’re up to!  Particularly, for all you aficionados of the classic Fenders of past.  Check this out: http://www.fender.com/products/americanvintage.

That’s right. Fender is pulling out all the stops to recreate the vintage instruments everybody wants (but few can afford), and they are doing it as only Fender can: restoring the 1950s-era tooling, and recreating these treasures down to the last set screw.

Wanna know some specifics? Check this out:

And Shreveport Music will be the ONLY place you can get it within 180 miles. Pretty cool, eh? We’ll post pics and details on each instrument as we get them in. If you’re interested in one, you might want to give us a call – they won’t last long.

The Biggest Sale You’ve Ever Seen. Seriously.

Okay, musicians. This is it. The biggest sale of Shreveport Music’s history. Seriously.

Look, in this soundbyte age of mass media, it’s actually quite difficult to convey big news. It’s hard to cut through all the noise and clutter. And when everybody is yelling “SALE!” with every ad, it’s hard to believe what anybody says.

So we have a problem here. The biggest sale we’ve EVER held, and it’s almost as if nobody’s gonna believe it. We can’t mention brands – our dealer agreements won’t allow it. And because of that, we can’t mention specific prices. But we CAN tell you that we’re not holding anything back. We can tell you that our prices are right around 40% off MSRP, and probably around 20% below the prices you see from the big Internet stores and the “big box” national music retailers.

That leaves you with a decision to make. You can 1) believe us and take advantage of our never-before-seen low prices, 2) be skeptical, but come in to see for yourself, or 3) don’t believe us and miss out on a golden opportunity. Your choice.

SMC Website News!

If you haven’t already heard, Shreveport Music has a new Facebook page (http://facebook.com/shreveportmusic) and a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/shrvportmusic). Even if you’ve heard that, you probably haven’t heard that we now have all three sites linked. That means if you’re a Twitter fan, you can follow us there, and every time we post news here on the website, you’ll see it appear on Twitter (providing you’re following us, of course). Ditto for Facebook (as long as you’ve ‘liked’ our new page). So if you’re looking to keep up to date with all things SMC, you now have three ways to make it happen. Four, if you count stopping by for a visit, which is really the best idea of all. We’d love to see you – come on down!

Know who the largest Taylor dealer is in Louisiana?

Here’s a hint: Do the initials “S.M.C.” mean anything to you? Somebody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Yep. Shreveport Music is, by far the largest dealer of fine Taylor guitars in the entire state of Louisiana. Period. We sell more of them than anybody in the state. You may ask then, what does that mean for me? Fair question. What it means, bunkie, is that you’ll see a better selection here. You’ll get a better deal here. And, frankly, you’ll see some special, one-of-a-kind, pick-of-the-woodpile instruments here that you simply won’t find any where else, short of a personal visit to the Taylor factory. Continue reading

Meinl Percussion – NOW IN STOCK!


Okay, Percussionists? Want to see something completely different? It’s time to come on down to SMC and take a look at our brand spankin’ new Meinl Percussion display! We’ve got it all – cajons, bongos, cowbells, even a foot pedal-operated afuche that will absolutely blow your mind! It’s all here, in a tower display that will have your heart skipping a beat. (Don’t worry – score a shaker or a set of bongos, and you won’t miss a beat.) Hurry on down, to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest goodies from Meinl!