MUSICIAN’S GARAGE SALE! Tons of used gear for sale where MONEY TALKS!


That’s Right! This weekend only, Saturday May 9th! Shreveport Music is going to be unloading a large amount of used gear. Basses, acoustic guitars, speakers, amplifiers and drums! If you’ve seen something in the store and you want it, COME GET IT. Otherwise you can fight the masses this weekend!

Are you one of those musicians who “garage sales”? Don’t you hate going to an awesome garage sale and finding NO music gear? Well worry no more. Saturday, bring cash, you’re gonna need it! Stay tuned, we will be updating this post with pictures of the goods that are goin’.




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Here’s the second batch:

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Next Update, Check out that FLOWER POWER and that Gibson J40!!


SMC Website News!

If you haven’t already heard, Shreveport Music has a new Facebook page ( and a Twitter account ( Even if you’ve heard that, you probably haven’t heard that we now have all three sites linked. That means if you’re a Twitter fan, you can follow us there, and every time we post news here on the website, you’ll see it appear on Twitter (providing you’re following us, of course). Ditto for Facebook (as long as you’ve ‘liked’ our new page). So if you’re looking to keep up to date with all things SMC, you now have three ways to make it happen. Four, if you count stopping by for a visit, which is really the best idea of all. We’d love to see you – come on down!

Meinl Percussion – NOW IN STOCK!

Okay, Percussionists? Want to see something completely different? It’s time to come on down to SMC and take a look at our brand spankin’ new Meinl Percussion display! We’ve got it all – cajons, bongos, cowbells, even a foot pedal-operated afuche that will absolutely blow your mind! It’s all here, in a tower display that will have your heart skipping a beat. (Don’t worry – score a shaker or a set of bongos, and you won’t miss a beat.) Hurry on down, to be one of the first to get your hands on the latest goodies from Meinl!