Fender Selects and Pro Amps – ONLY at SMC!

Head’s up Fender fans: SMC just received a shipment of Select Fender guitars. What’s a “Select” Fender you may ask. Good question. Here’s what Fender has to say about ’em:

The new Fender Select series represents the culmination of more than 60 years of fine Fender instrument-building craftsmanship. To commemorate the introduction of the series, 100 instruments of each model include a certificate of authenticity signed by Jeff Allen, head of U.S. production at Fender’s Corona, Calif., manufacturing facility. Further, an aditional 50 of the first Fender Select instruments made are hand-numbered on the back of the headstock and include a certificate.

Both distinctions make this already-unparalleled family of guitars and basses even more exclusive, and because these extraordinary first-run instruments will find their way to randomly determined Authorized Fender Dealer locations worldwide, the lucky players who discover them will become part of a very special Fender experience akin to finding the proverbial “golden ticket.”

Yep. SMC’s one of those “randomly determined Authorized Dealers to get our hands on a selection of those Select Fenders. In fact, we’re the ONLY dealer in all of Louisiana to get them.

In other Fender news, guess which store has been selected to cary the all-new Pro line of Fender amplifiers? Good guess. These are not your father’s Fender amps. In fact, only 42 dealers in the USA are authorized to carry the Pro Amp line. Why were we selected? Easy. Fender’s own requirements tell the tale. A Pro Amp dealer must offer:

  • Every professional amplifier we offer for stage or studio.
  • Expert staff to answer all your questions.
  • The ultimate in service and selection all under one roof.

The new Pro Amps are not for beginners. They are designed for the discriminating professional. Think about them in terms of “what would it be like if Fender offered a “boutique” amp line, with even better parts, construction, and sound than the famous Fender sound you’re used to.” Well here’s your answer.

So if you want to get your hands on a Fender Select, or see one of the new Pro Amps, there’s only one place in Louisiana you can go. Go where the pros go.™ Shreveport Music!